Introducing Receipts for iOS

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For many of Xero’s customers, today is a red letter day… Yesterday morning we released a hotly anticipated update to our expense claim functionality (currently for iOS, Android still in development). This is a complete overhaul of the UI, and features several clever tweaks. Read on below the video for a guided tour!

Default to one line item

Gone are the days where you always had to explicitly add a line item before you could fill in the details. A little research showed over 95% of all expense claims only contained a single line item, so for those cases the new flow is vastly simplified. Of course you can still split your claim into separate line items if you need to!


Submit single-receipt claims in one tap

Something missing from day one has been the ability to submit a single receipt as a stand-alone claim. Up until now, you’ve had to save receipts which you later assemble into a claim on the web. No longer! Submit for approval, or submit and approve in one step yourself if permitted.


Record business expenditure as well as expense claims

One of the most common complaints is from those wishing to record money spent from a business account (on the web, this is referred to as ‘Spend Money’). These receipts don’t need to be reimbursed, but it’s good to record the paper trail on the spot, and of course it means you get a beautiful green ‘match’ when the bank statement line comes through. How do you do it? Couldn’t be easier. Simply select the bank account you spent the money from, instead of choosing to be reimbursed.


Frequently used descriptions

Rather than making you type out the same common expense descriptions every single time, you now start off with a convenient pre-populated list based on the most common expense descriptions used by Xero customers.


View claim status and all past receipts

Instead of only showing your drafts, the newly renamed ‘Receipts’ tab now shows drafts, submitted, approved and paid claims as well as any ‘Spend Money’ transactions you’ve created.


These are just a few of the changes and tweaks we’ve made with this release! I hope those of you already familiar with our mobile offering like what we’ve done with the place. We’re looking forward to your feedback, and we’ll keep you posted about the progress of Receipts for Android.

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